The Jesus Prayer

“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.”

This prayer, often referred to as the Prayer of the Heart, is a meditation that draws you to the depths of your heart. It is the practice of the Presence of God. In response to the admonition to pray unceasingly, the prayer is repeated silently until it is no longer something external to yourself but is constantly revealing, in the words of the Pilgrim, “the inner secret of the heart”. (From “The Way of a Pilgrim“, an autobiographical account of a Russian ascetic for whom the Jesus Prayer was the primary spiritual practice.)

The Jesus Prayer originated sometime between the 3rd and 5th centuries with the Desert Fathers. These ascetics and mystics, seeking only union with God, realized deep practices and meditations that have influenced many serious spiritual seekers ever since.

Some years ago I embarked on a spiritual journey of self discovery that subsequently awakened deep insights that I would like to share with you. The Jesus Prayer embodies, in its simplicity, a profound key to awakening to the oneness with God that Jesus realized. After meditating on the mystical meanings within this prayer over the years, and also on the deeper insights from other spiritual traditions, I have been invited and feel drawn to share them with you.

I believe that with an open and earnest heart, and a deep yearning for the same oneness with the Divine Father that the Christ knew, these notes or meditations that I make available will be a guide and aid to that awakening to the Divine Presence. What I want to share with you will help inspire the awareness of the still, silent Presence of God within the cave of your heart. This is an understanding that is available to every human being. In Christ, if one has realized, all may realize. Indeed saints and sages of every culture speak of it, even while using their own language and identities.

I will be creating an ebook and mp3 audio – entitled “The Jesus Prayer, Light From The East” – that will be available exclusively through this website. I encourage you to subscribe to get updates and the opportunity to receive my book once it becomes available, as well as other teachings related to practicing the Presence of God.

May you be blessed by the practice of the Jesus Prayer.


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  1. Douglas/Bobbee Says:

    Thank you. Your efforts will bless many.

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